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The Saskatchewan Trails Association (STA) is now accepting individual and corporate donations for its recently developed Saskatchewan Trails Fund. Once core funding is achieved, this new trail fund will provide annual grants to local trail organizations and communities to help support trail development and maintenance projects in Saskatchewan.

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Simon Lehne Boardwalk Completed
Thanks to a $500 Saskatchewan Trails Association (STA) Discretionary Funding Grant, the Candle Lake Trails Association Group (CLTAG) has completed its boardwalk project.

The grant helped CLTAG clear and expand the existing boardwalk located along the Simon Lehne Trail, which is adjacent to Simon Lehne Road – a high traffic roadway. Simon Lehne Trail is an important trail because it diverts much of the walking and biking traffic from the heavily-used roadway. Due to several very wet years, one section of the trail had been closed, making access to the entrances of the boardwalk inaccessible. CLTAG felt the re-opening of the boardwalk was a high priority and applied for the STA grant.

The STA would like to congratulate the CLTAG on completing this important initiative and thank them for helping to maintain and rejuvenate Saskatchewan's trail system!


Edmund Aunger's interview with Global TV Regina at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

Ride the Trail Arrives in Regina

An Alberta man whose wife, Elizabeth Sovis, was killed two years ago in a horrific cycling accident, is now on the second leg of his cross-country journey, riding this summer from Edmonton to Winnipeg on the Trans Canada Trail, a distance of more than 2,750 km.

Edmund Aunger is honouring his wife and promoting her vision: she wanted to see a Trans Canada Trail that was complete and accessible and safe. “Ultimately,” he says, “it was this very problem that killed her. We were cycling on the Trans Canada Trail, while on holiday in Prince Edward Island two years ago, and we were forced to detour onto a highway. Ten minutes later, Elizabeth was struck by a drunk driver. The impact threw her body 50 metres.”

Aunger arrived in Regina on Monday, July 28, 2014, and stopped at the Saskatchewan Legislature to speak about his trip and its objectives and read a petition calling on the Saskatchewan government to complete the provincial section of the Trans Canada Trail by July 1, 2017, in time for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

“I am cycling the Trans Canada Trail from Victoria to Charlottetown in five stages. This year’s trip, the second, is from Edmonton to Winnipeg. The final leg, in 2017, will be from Ottawa to Charlottetown; I intend to arrive on July 14, the fifth anniversary of Elizabeth’s death, and lead a memorial service.”

“My goal is to promote the Trail by increasing awareness, rallying support and raising funds. And I am petitioning the provincial government. Unless it provides leadership and adopts an action plan, there will be no Trans Canada Trail in Saskatchewan.”

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STA launches new poster campaign

A poster campaign promoting Saskatchewan’s trails is being launched in conjunction with Saskatchewan Trails Day. The posters will be on display at various sporting goods stores and other strategic locations across the province.

Click the images below to download high resolution copies of the posters. You can also request free copies by emailing info@sasktrails.ca.

Special thanks to Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (S.P.R.A.) and Saskatchewan Lotteries for supporting this campaign!



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We recently received this photo from the Saskatchewan All-Terrain Vehicle Association (SATVA).