Trail Funding

Saskatchewan Trail Groups Named as Recipients of NTC-Federal Government Funding

The Saskatchewan recipients of the $25 million investment by the federal government into recreational trails were announced on July 30, 2009. Across Canada, 514 trail groups were chosen by the National Trails Coalition to receive the $25 million funding, which is designed to create jobs and expand and enhance Canada's trail network. The shovel-ready projects are to be completed March 31, 2010.

For more information, visit, or see below for the news release as well as a list of Saskatchewan recipients.

Trans Canada Trail Trailbuilders Policy Manual

For trail groups wanting to build Trans Canada Trail in Saskatchewan, please consult the Trans Canada Trail Trailbuilders Policy Manual at, and click on the link to the manual.

New Trail Funding Available Through Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program

Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) recently announced that new federal funding is available for community and recreation areas, including fitness trails, through the Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program (RInC). Improvements and expansions to trails are covered by the two-year funding program, which ends March 31, 2011. The federal government will contribute up to 33% of the cost. The deadline to apply is May 29, 2009.

Read the WD News Release about RInC (PDF)

For more information about RInC, including how to apply for funding, visit WD's website at

Trail Funding Through the Federal Gas Tax Program

From 2005-2010, the Federal Gas Tax Program provided approximately $147.7 million to municipalities (cities, towns, villages, rural municipalities) in Saskatchewan through the New Deal Gas Tax Funding Agreement. The purpose of the fund is to advance the environmental, economic, cultural and social sustainability and prosperity of cities and communities in Saskatchewan.

The fund is specifically intended to be invested in environmentally sustainable municipal infrastructure and municipal capacity building projects. The Roads and Bridges category of the fund supports active transportation and includes the building of trails, foot bridges, bike lanes, walking paths and related trail infrastructure as eligible projects for funding in this program. Funds may be used to pay up to 100% of eligible costs, and projects can be funded retroactively. All projects must be completed by March 31, 2010.

The Saskatchewan Trails Association encourages municipalities to apply for the New Deal Gas Tax funding to support local trail projects. Several municipalities have already successfully obtained grant funding to develop trails in their communities. Lumsden and Kelvington, for example, received over $22,000 and $171,000 respectively for walking trail developments within their community. Nipawin received over $28,000 for a walking path, while White City received $38,000 for pathway lighting.

A portion of the federal gas tax fund is reserved to fund projects that provide a regional benefit and therefore cannot be spent on local projects. This portion of the fund is typically underspent and is ideally suited for municipalities that lie within the Trans Canada Trail corridor. (Contact Sask Trails for more information about the Trans Canada Trail corridor). Neighboring municipalities may jointly submit a request to build a significant portion of the Trans Canada Trail in Saskatchewan, or any other new or existing regional or provincial trail network. Resort communities within this corridor are especially encouraged to apply for funding to contribute to the national trail network.

Municipalities are the only eligible grantees. However, volunteer trail building groups engaged in building trail are encouraged to approach their municipality and encourage them to apply to this fund for their local proposed trail project. Municipalities may or may not have applied for all their eligible funding, so be sure to check out this possibility.

To apply for funding, municipalities must submit an application form called an Infrastructure Investment Plan to the New Deal Secretariat in Regina. The Plan will outline the project to be developed, including the amount of funding required, and the environmental and regional benefits.

For more information or to download an Infrastructure Investment Plan application, visit, call 787-8912, or email gastaxprogram[at]

Trail Building Grant


The Government of Saskatchewan, under partnership with the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (S.P.R.A.) and Saskatchewan Trails Association (STA), has dedicated funding for the development of trails in the Province of Saskatchewan. As the provincial voice of trail developers, STA has been appointed as the organization in charge of the administration and delivery of the STA Trail Building Grant.

Trails are the most widely used recreational facility in Canada  Trails promote active living and provide safe, affordable, and healthy recreational opportunities for people of all ages. The development of trails encourages people to discover first-hand the natural, cultural, and historic resources of the local community.

STA was formed in 2004 as a non-profit organization that is mandated to build multi-use recreational trails in Saskatchewan. The STA Trail Building Grant provides seed money to STA members for building trails.


The purpose of the STA Trail Building Grant is to assist members in developing trails within their community or between communities. The focus of the grant will be to fund new trails and enhance existing trails.


The STA Trail Building Grant is available to members of the STA including the following: cities, towns, villages, northern settlements, rural municipalities, First Nations, provincial recreation associations, regional recreation associations, regional/urban park authorities, tribal councils, Community Trail Clubs, trail-based Provincial Recreation Associations and other recognized trail organizations.

Those not eligible include government departments, national organizations, institutions, and crown corporations.

The Trail Building Grant program is tentatively on hold. Please download the Trail Grant Application Form (PDF) for complete details.

Download an example of a Completed Trail Grant Final Report, submitted by the St. Walburg Trans Canada Trail Association.